Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1 of 365

Portland Trying on His Pants

Today Portland begins a grand adventure!  He had an idea of  how to raise money for his little two year old cousin, Owen, who has diabetes.  Portland decided that the best way to show support to Owen's cause would be to wear the same pair of  pants every day for a whole year. 

For an eight year old boy, wearing the same pair of pants for 365 days is an huge feat.  He is asking each of you to help "patch his pants" so he can make it through the entire year!  You can participate in Portland's pants project by making a "patch" donation on the side bar of this blog. 

There will be updates to the blog with pictures of Portland in his pants.  He hopes to raise $100 a month to help with Owen's medical expenses.

Portland Purchasing His Pants

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